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Beauty From Pain by nalaniluvr Beauty From Pain by nalaniluvr
Corky II. I love this beautiful lady. She is just so strong, and despite everything humans have put her through she still has so much grace and mercy towards us, especially considering her size and intelligence.

Corky has gone through so much in her life; she has had seven unsuccessful pregnancies, her longest living calf was 96 days old. Bet you'll never guess why her babies didn't survive... Failure to nurse. Because her tank was small and circular, Corky had a tough time steering her newborns away from the walls so they wouldn't smack their head against it. As a result of her always having to push her calves with her nose, they got confused as to where they were supposed to nurse... They all ended up starving to death. This happened to each live calf that Corky mothered (or attempted to). Eventually, she was sold to Sea World San Diego, California where she currently lives. Here, she's become a foster mother to several orfaned orca calves that were seperated from their mothers for SeaWorld's selfish reasons (with the exception of Orkid and Sumar). Their names, excluding the two I already listed: Keet, Splash, Keto, and Ikaika (somewhat).

Corky is a Northern Resident killer whale born in 1966 who was taken from her family back in 1969 at only three years old. Sadly, because of the captures that took place in the decade surrounding that time, Corky's own family is endangered. The only other Resident orca besides Corky that's still alive in captivity today is Lolita, who is a Southern Resident captured a year after Corky.
So sad, but mostly pathetic, how human greed and need for entertainment can cause the destruction and near-extinction of such a beautiful animal....

*Please take note that Corky still has family that is very much alive in the wild: Her mother, A23 (Stripe), who passed away about a decade ago; her younger sister, A64 (Ripple), who is currently the matriarch of what's left of her small family pod of five orcas; and her youngest brother, A60 (Fife); Corky's niece, A63 (Midsummer); and Midsummer's latest calf (Corky's great-niece.)
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FreedomHasNoLimits Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
Corky II and Lolita are my favorite orcas! Very much because of their sad life in captivity. I feel really bad for Corky and what she has been through and i really wish she was never captured ...
nalaniluvr Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
I really wish none of the Residents (or all the captured captives in general) were ever captured. It breaks my heart to see the long list of casualties to this circus. :no: Corky and Tokitae are my favorites, too, for sure! Did you hear about the feds finally considering Tokitae's release from that Miami sea prison, and "retirement" into a seapen?? It's nice to know there's some hope left for the Southern Resident population. :wohoo: :)
FreedomHasNoLimits Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
Yes i did! There should be a rule that orcas/dolphins is retired after a certain age or amount of time in captivity. The only retirement for many whales and dolphins in captivity is death.

I believe Lolita can be brought back to Washington and just frolic in her native waters and if lucky, maybe meet her family again on her own terms.
nalaniluvr Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
:woohoo: (messed up on that emoticon there) lol :P
orcaholic94 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012
I love the angle and timing! :love:
nalaniluvr Featured By Owner May 3, 2012
Thanks, Brittany! :)
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